[Request for Proposal] '2021 K-Startup Grand Challenge' Proposal Submission [마감]

Updated: Mar 23

Korea Innovation Center @Silicon Valley is now soliciting proposals for the purpose of establishing a contract to provide comprehensive business accelerating service for its upcoming 'K-Startup Grand Challenge' Event.

KIC SV is inviting proposals from qualified respondents with a large entrepreneurship network to recruit the participating startups from America. This event is expected to enhance abilities and chances for investments relations and positive business reference in Korea.

We would like to encourage interested companies to present proposals and look forward to working with you. Please read the information in this packet carefully and provide your proposal accordingly. To be eligible for consideration, the completed proposals should be submitted via email.

- Deadline: 03/22/2021(Mon), 5:00PM (PDT)

- Inquiry & Submission: Yoomi Yi (Program Manager) / yoomiyi@kicsv.org

- For more detailed information, please visit the official website and facebook

Please download RFP below.

2021 K-Startup Grand Challenge Request f
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