Comprehensive Legal Service for Executives of Globally Expanding SMEs And Small Companies

One-stop Service

– Business
– Immigration
– IP(Patent)
– Tax

Event-based Billing

– Pre-identified events
– Significant Cost Savings

Client Service Portal

– Hotline to Lawyers
– Virtual Helpdesk
– E-Case Management
– On-site Consultation
– Monthly Seminars

One-Stop, Event Based, Hybrid e-Legal Services Solution:

KIC Silicon Valley combined legal and professionals services into five events: (1) pre-incorporation consultation – business structure and location advice, founder’s agreement, (2) incorporation- entity selection, incorporating document, and corporate records book, (3) employment-policy and procedure, offer, employment, separating agreement, business immigration, and other employment related agreements, (4) acquiring and building assets-review for major asset acquisition, protecting brand, design and patent (search, patentability opinion, and application process) and (5) management establishment-accounting system, payroll set up, federal and state tax filing, and management advisory. By combining the services, KIC Silicon Valley is able to support a comprehensive legal service at approximately a 40% discounted rate.


In order to provide the best legal service possible to our companies at a discounted rate, our lawyers are planning on adopting virtual helpdesk, an online conference, and a business lawyer hotline to cut unnecessary administrative costs and overhead. However, we also understand the importance of personal contact, and its value in building effective relationships. KIC Silicon Valley will be offering hybrid service approach including regular on-site consultation and/ or periodic seminars. Our unique e-Legal Service Solution will become an important navigation device in your journey to the United States.


Common Dilemma for Legal Engagements

Typical business lawyers prefer hourly billing method (HBM) that provides attorneys with the incentive to spend more time than is actually required. Flat Fee Commitments (FFC), while often preferred by most clients, tend to discourage lawyers from putting sufficient time and effort into the project.


Entrepreneurs and executives of SMEs, therefore, often face the common legal fee arrangement dilemma of having to decide how to obtain a comprehensive legal service with an inflexible legal budget.